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Fast Design Iterations for Precise Silicone Moulds for Active Implants

CorTec is offering a wide spectrum of services accompanying you all the way through the development of innovative technologies leading to an approved medical device in the end. One step on that way is to design application specific mouldings to protect the sensitive parts of the implant, such as its electronics with our encapsulation technology. …

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Pictures of the year 2020

Our pictures of the year don’t come from just anyone. Each one is the work of one of our employees who have documented a variety of events in our daily work throughout the year. As 2020 faced us all with unexpected and new challenges, our photo gallery not only includes our technology and products but …

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CEO and founder of CorTec, Dr. Jörn Rickert is a member of the Senate of Economy

The Senate of Economy is composed of personalities from the fields of economy, science and society who are particularly aware of their responsibility towards state and society. Together, they contribute to the practical implementation of the common good-oriented goals of sustainability in the sense of the eco-social market economy. At CorTec, we are very pleased …

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BCI Award Winners 2020

The winners of the BCI Award 2020 were recently announced at the IEEE SMC conference during the Award ceremony. The BCI Award is organized every year by the BCI Award foundation, led by Christoph Guger and Dean Krusienski. The head of the jury Aysegul Gunduz selected the winners with the help of the other jury …

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New at CorTec: Cuff electrodes in standard designs from stock

The °AirRay research Nerve Cuff Electrodes from CorTec have become the standard in the research of applications in bioelectronic medicine in recent years. In order to give more researchers access to the electrodes, we now offer the most popular configurations from stock and at reduced prices.

The CorTec Team for a Good Cause

At CorTec we frequently undertake the most diverse activities as a team that weld us together a little bit more. Our team is not only concerned with their own pleasure. Especially in the tense situation of the present time, we as a team also want to make a contribution. Recently, some of our colleagues therefore …

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Bernstein-CorTec Award

We are very proud that in 2020, the Bernstein-CorTec-Award will be awarded for the first time to to honor outstanding scientific achievements at the University Freiburg. The cooperation between CorTec and the Bernstein Center Freiburg makes it possible to award a prize money of 1000 € to master theses and doctoral theses in the interdisciplinary …

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CorTec Photoshoot

Before we – like the rest of the world – were surprised by COVID-19 and those of us not working in our cleanroom disappeared into home office, we did a photo shoot in our offices. The goal behind it: to give a very special insight into our work. You can see the usual stock material …

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