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Fast Design Iterations for Precise Silicone Moulds for Active Implants

CorTec is offering a wide spectrum of services accompanying you all the way through the development of innovative technologies leading to an approved medical device in the end.

One step on that way is to design application specific mouldings to protect the sensitive parts of the implant, such as its electronics with our encapsulation technology. For that we established rapid-prototyping process to efficiently iterate silicone rubber moulding designs for your perfect individual implant.

Thanks to our development process and modern production technologies our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers can rapidly implement your design ideas and provide you with silicone moulding prototypes faster. Additionally, we can also quickly increase production capacity at later stages of the medical device development process when needed.

The video shows exemplary moulding tool manufacturing out of PTFE. Our 3-axes CNC milling machine can manufacture geometries with high precision and extremely smooth surface finishes – perfectly suited for being used as moulding tools. With our process chain from milling to silicone overmoulding, we can quickly transform customer specific designs into real moulding tools and first touch-and-feel prototypes.

Of course, other materials can be used for moulding designs as well – Just get in touch with our team. Our in-house milling machine is a perfect addition to our other rapid prototyping capabilities with which we offer fast and efficient development cycles without depending on external service providers and lead-times.

As leading experts for innovations in the field of medical engineering we are following the vision to take implantable technologies to the next level. By providing innovative technological solutions we enable you to develop highly efficient and safe new active implantable devices.

Learn more about our Services here or discover our product portfolio for active implantable devices here.


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