From Research to Therapies

We are enabling the communication with the nervous system for the cure of disease.

Our technology accompanies you through all the steps starting from preclinical research to the development of highly efficient and personalized therapies.

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Innovative Approaches

Communication between the nervous system and Artifical Intelligence is the starting point for the development of novel therapies.

Our closed-loop Brain Interchange platform technology makes it possible to accurately address a multitude of diseases and research issues.

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CorTec: Thinking Ahead

As a young company we are motivated by striving for innovation. Breaking with old structures, we are constantly searching for new approaches.

We are thinking ahead and beyond customary boundaries. Based on scientific findings, we develop tomorrow’s technology already today.

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Brain-Computer Interfaces connect
the brain with artificial intelligence

CorTec enables communication with the neural system.

As innovation leaders in neurotechnology we endow the development of new therapies: Either we develop and manufacture single individual components like electrodes and encapsulations or we set up active implantable systems for translating nerve signals into control signals for therapeutic applications.


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