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Products and Services

CorTec °AirRay Electrodes & Accessories are available at Chamfr.com.

Chamfr is an online marketplace exclusively for medical components.

Products and Services

Our experience of over 10 years in the development of medical devices enables us to provide highest quality products to you.

We offer the full range of implantable technology starting with single components like electrodeshermetic packaging, software, or electronics up to complete system design. Our services include all important steps from  development and testing up to manufacturing the approved medical device.

Based on your needs and individual requirements, we develop and manufacture implantable neurotechnological devices, components and sub-assemblies for:

  • Approved Medical Devices
  • Clinical Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-Clinical Research Market

Brain Interchange System

CorTec Brain Interchange ONE joins the scope of our competences interconnecting the neural system to artificial intelligence. The fully implantable system for recording and stimulation both on 32 channels enables open- and closed-loop interaction with the nervous system. As an implantable investigational device, Brain Interchange ONE is designed for both recording and stimuation 32 channels. It is intended to be used for long-term measurement of neuronal activity and electrical stimulation of neuronal tissue in the brain.

Technologies for Active Implantable Devices

Based on our technological competences we are providing solutions for the most innovative therapies of tomorrow already today – starting from single components right up to fully active systems. Our service comprises the full range of designing and encapsulating implantable electronics over interconnecting electrodes up to developing firmware and software.

Services & Testing

Our services include all important steps from providing solutions how to realize your idea of a product over development and testing up to manufacturing the approved medical device. With our application-related, technological, and regulatory know-how we support every step on the way to your implant.

°AirRay Cortical Electrodes | FDA cleared

The °AirRay cortical electrode supports clinical diagnostics and research. It is intended for temporary subdural use at the cortex. °AirRay is very thin, soft and flexible. Additional safety for patients is achieved by electrode contacts interlocking with the material, preventing their separation from the silicone. Accessories such as connectors and connection cables allow the use of our electrode with common amplification or stimulation systems.