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CorTec Photoshoot

Before we – like the rest of the world – were surprised by COVID-19 and those of us not working in our cleanroom disappeared into home office, we did a photo shoot in our offices. The goal behind it: to give a very special insight into our work.

You can see the usual stock material everywhere by now – but with us the motto is clearly “We all are CorTec”. So who could represent CorTec better than ourselves. Our employees are as special and individual as our products and the interaction has a very special meaning for us at CorTec.

In the course of the day we shot several scenes in different groups, from breakfast together in our kitchen to meetings and many beautiful snapshots. The shooting was a lot of fun for all of us and brought us even more together as a team.

More than 1000 pictures of raw material were taken that day. You can now marvel at our favorite pictures at different places on our website. We provide you with a first insight here, together with a few snapshots of the shooting.



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