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Our Service

CorTec stands for cutting-edge technology for the next generation of active implants. We provide products and services  to enable the communication with the brain or other parts of the nervous system. 

With our strong expertise in engineering and electrophysiology we support every step on the way to your implant – from your idea to the manufacturing of an approved medical device.

Our service portfolio includes the following steps:

  • Design and application related consulting
  • Investigation of feasibilities 
  • Device Design
  • Preliminary studies
  • Design studies
  • Process development
  • Manufacturing process validation 
  • Design validations
  • Biocompatibility evaluations
  • Cleaning process validations
  • Packaging and transport validation
  • Sterilization process validations
  • Pilot series production
  • Development under design control
  • Design history file and design dossier
  • Detailed manufacturing documentation
  • Regulatory support of product approvals in many countries
  • Qualified equipment and processes
  • Process monitoring 
  • Professional tool constructions with external partners
  • Supplied qualification sterilizations
  • Optimization of product lines
  • Upscaling of production throughput
  • Cyclic bending test
  • Cyclic pull tests
  • Obtain typical lifetime characteristics of electrodes or interconnections
  • If desired under particular environmental conditions, such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests).

Tests & Services


  • Thick-film based ceramic package 
  • Excellent hermeticity with 100s of feedthroughs possible 
  • Package transparent to infrared light and electromagnetic waves
  • Interconnection to electrodes 
  • PCB wire-bonding 
  • Customized telemetric coil winding 

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  • Reduced tissue reaction inside the body
  • Long-term stability of system components
  • Protection of electronics or other parts of the implant 
  • Use of medical grade silicone for superior biocompatibility

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  • Implantable 8-channel connector
  • In-line connector technology based on the Bal Seal Syngus system
  • Customized modifications possible 
  • Enables connection to DBS leads and othe electrodes with in-line connection
  • Maintains low contact resistance and high insulation properties in saline after long-term accelerated soaking or mechanical flex fatigue loads
  • Ultimaker 3
  • Materials: PLA, ABS, NYlon, TPU (flexible) 
  • Ideal for quick and easy prototype setups which do not require great accuracy
  • Print space: 197 x 215 x 200 mm
  • Datron neo
  • Materials: aluminium, brass, plastics
  • Ideal for mechanically stable superstructures, molds, and auxiliaries where accuracy is required
  • Processing area: 500 x 400 x max. 170mm

System Integration Tests

  • Functionality testing
  • Hermeticity qualification (helium gross and fine leak testing)
  • Long-term functionality testing
    If desired also under accelerated aging conditions.

Mechanical Tests

  • Reliability testing
  • Tensile or shear tests
  • Bending and flexing tests (cyclic or ultimate strength)
  • Layer pull strength (adhesion)
  • Hardness testing (micro IRHD)

Electrical and Electrochemical Tests

  • Impedance spectroscopy
    Characterization of the recording performance of the electrode.
  • Pulse testing
    Characterization of the stimulation performance of the electrode.
  • Corrosion testing inclusive SEM inspection
    Evaluating the corrosion resistance of a particular electrode design for a given stimulation paradigm.
  • Dielectric strength