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New at CorTec: Cuff electrodes in standard designs from stock

The °AirRay research Nerve Cuff Electrodes from CorTec have become the standard in the research of applications in bioelectronic medicine in recent years. In order to give more researchers access to the electrodes, we now offer the most popular configurations from stock and at reduced prices.

Bioelectronic medicine and the associated research of the peripheral nervous system has gained momentum very rapidly in recent years and has achieved impressive results. CorTec is proud to be able to contribute to this with its °AirRay nerve cuff electrodes. Electrodes from CorTec have been used in many pioneering studies.

Some designs of our cuff electrodes are now available from stock in order to be able to serve even short-term requests. Please use our new shop system to send us your inquiry. Our sales team will then contact you within one business day with a quotation.

Click here to visit our shop system. We are looking forward to your visit!

More information about scientific publications with our cuff electrodes can be found here.


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