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CorTec’s fully implantable In-Line Connector

Our connector technology portfolio has been supplemented by a further development. The new In-Line Connector is based on well-known and proven technologies that are already in use today.

The fully implantable 8 channel connector (female) allows interconnection to common DBS leads (i.e. Boston Scientific). The connector’s contacts by Bal Seal Engineering® are made of MP35N (housings) and platinum-iridium (springs). The connector components are encapsulated with medical-grade silicone. This allows for low contact resistance and high insulation properties. Furthermore, the In-Line Connector is compatible with the CorTec Brain Interchange System.

The special feature of our connector technology?

The In-Line connector can be tailored to individual requirements. For example, the number of contacts can be increased to up to 12. The contact spacing, as well as the geometry or materials, can also be freely configured.

This makes the CorTec In-Line connector the perfect solution for individual and demanding systems or applications.

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