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Transatlantic forces join to empower neuroscience and neurotechnology

Blackrock Neurotech and CorTec are now collaboration partners

CorTec GmbH (CorTec) and Blackrock Neurotech, LLC announced today that they have entered into a transatlantic strategic partnership, combining Blackrock Neurotech’s industry-leading experience in delivering brain computer interface (BCI) systems with CorTec’s portfolio of cutting-edge neurodevices to accelerate access to researchers, open new markets, and expand applications in the implantable markets.

Blackrock Neurotech is a technology leader in the neuroscience, neural engineering, and neural prosthetics space specializing in translating technology into novel, implantable clinical solutions. CorTec develops the Brain Interchange System, the next generation of wireless brain computer interfaces for therapy development, and also offers a variety of electrodes such as grid, strip, and cuff electrodes as well as hermetic encapsulations and other components for implantable devices. With their joined product portfolio, CorTec and Blackrock Neurotech will provide customers with a broad spectrum of enabling technologies.

CorTec’s two managing directors, Dr. Jörn Rickert and Dr. Martin Schüttler, see the established partnership with Blackrock Neurotech as a way to strengthen the international reach for CorTec’s products and development services. “We see great chances in this project, as we will be able to combine technical know-how and experiences of both teams for our customers worldwide,” says CEO and founder of CorTec, Dr. Jörn Rickert. “Blackrock Neurotech is a strong partner for CorTec and the Brain Interchange platform technology. With years of experience in the approval of neurotechnological devices and components, we will be able to rely on the knowledge of Blackrock in brain-computer interfaces and neurotech to enter the US market and provide systems for clinical studies,” adds Dr. Martin Schüttler, CEO and CTO of CorTec. “It is essential for us to drive forward our Brain Interchange technology, with which we are already pushing the boundaries of other implant technologies today.”

Both companies are experienced in developing individual implantable components and systems that are used in clinical and pre-clinical studies. The partnership creates a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions to address an array of neurological disorders, including peripheral nerve applications. By pooling knowledge, expertise, and technology platforms, Blackrock Neurotech and CorTec will enable clinical translation beyond today’s boundaries.

“With CorTec we are gaining a reliable and trustworthy partner in Germany,” says Prof. Florian Solzbacher, co-founder of Blackrock Neurotech. He continues, “Ultimately, our motivation is helping as many patients as possible with our platform; and working with CorTec expands our ability to do just that.” Marcus Gerhardt, CEO of Blackrock Neurotech adds, “This collaboration continues to expand our growing portfolio of neurodevice technologies and aligns with Blackrock Neurotech’s drive to empower neuroscience researchers in basic and applied pre-clinical and clinical studies. It also represents an important step toward providing next-generation BCI solutions.”


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