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INTENSE: Dutch neurotechnology network on brain-machine interfaces

With the support of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, a new research network was established in 2021 that aims to develop new neurotechnological therapies for blindness, deafness, paralysis, and epilepsy. By combining recent knowledge about the brain with new possibilities within neurotechnology, the network’s approach is to establish high-bandwidth, wireless interfaces to the human nervous system to restore its functionalities.

To work towards this ambitious goal, Dutch research centers with long-standing expertise in the neurosciences have partnered up with medical centers, patient organizations and technology companies, not only from the Netherlands, but also from several other countries as well.

CorTec works on the subproject lead by Dr. Nick Ramsey at the University Medical Center Utrecht on paralysis and motor impairment. Specifically, CorTec will provide customized high-density electrodes along with the Brain Interchange Implant system for a pilot clinical study with a paralyzed patient for recovery of speech.

“We are very excited to collaborate on this ambitious project and bring our Brain Interchange system to a new clinical application with a high unmet clinical need”, says Dr. Jörn Rickert, CorTec’s Chief Strategic & Scientific Officer.


Gain more insights about the Intense Project on their official website: https://intenseproject.eu


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