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Brain Interchange Platform Technology

Principle of Function

The Brain Interchange System (BIC) comprises all components needed for electrically interconnecting the neural system to external information technologies. An interchange of information is realized to modulate the nervous system. 

As an investigational device, the fully implantable system is designed for both recording and stimulating on 32 channels.
It is intended to be used for long-term measurement and electrical stimulation of both the central and peripheral nervous system.

The CorTec Brain Interchange receives electric signals from the electrodes connected to the nervous system. The system then amplifies, digitizes and transmits these signals to a computing unit via the External Unit.

The Application Software on the computer manages the telemetry (programming of indication related parameters, accessing the system information, and data transmission) and analyses the signals.

The computing unit uses parameters provided by the application software to generate electrical impulses that are send back to the electrodes. Electrical stimulation is applied.

CorTec Brain Interchange – Key Aspects of Innovation

Closed-loop system: therapy adjusted to current need

High number of channels: large database

Does not permeate the cerebral tissue: no scarring, advantageous for long-term treatment

No batteries: energy supply via induction

Choice of material and finish made to last: high operational life span

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