Brain Interchange System

Demonstrationsvideo der Brain Interchange Technologie

Principle of Function

As an investigational device, the fully implantable system is designed for both recording and stimulating on 32 channels.
It is intended for long-term measurement of neuronal activity and electrical stimulation of neuronal tissue in the brain.

CorTec Brain Interchange receives electric signals from the connected electrodes and amplifies, digitizes and transmits them to a computing unit via the External Unit.
The System is able to produce electrical impulses using parameters provided by the Application Software on a computer and can transmit them to electrodes of the Multi-Part Implant.

The Application Software on the computer manages the telemetry (programming of indication related parameters, accessing the system information, and data transmission) and analyses the data.
It creates the commands for the implanted electronics to generate stimulation patterns.

Brain Interchange Platform Technology

The unique Brain Interchange Technology can be designed to fit your specific needs.

The requirements of a specific complete system can vary depending on the applications approach. We can customize the Brain Interchange so that each component of the system meets your specific needs. At the end stands your own system with unique features which fit exactly to your application.

CorTec Brain Interchange – Key Aspects of Innovation

Closed-loop system: therapy adjusted to current need

High number of channels: large database

Does not permeate the cerebral tissue: no scarring, advantageous for long-term treatment

No batteries: energy supply via induction

Choice of material and finish made to last: high operational life span

Brain Interchange One


Brain Interchange One is the first version of the CorTec Brain Interchange Technology which we are currently validating for the use in clinical trials.
In the following you can get more detailed information about the specific product features and design options of this first version.

Device Description

The implantable technology platform features full wireless functionality for chronic open- and closed-loop interaction with the nervous system. It consists of 3 components:

Multi-Part Implant

  • One or two °AirRay electrodes from CorTec designed according to customer specifications. The Brain Interchange System is also prepared for the use of DBS electrodes.
  • The Implanted Internal Electronics Unit is placed inside a proprietary hermetic ceramic encapsulation.
    It amplifies, filters an digitizes neural signals an electrically stimulates neural tissues through the electrodes. It is inductively powered by the External Unit and communicates with it via a broad-band radio link.

External Unit

  • A small, lightweight Head Piece is held attached to the skin by a magnet opposite to the implant.
  • The Communication Unit for radio communication with the implant, typically belted to the upper arm or wheel chair of the patient, also controls the power supplied to the Head Piece an communicates with the controller computer.

Personal Computer with Software Interface

  • The computer ensures the energy supply of the Communication Unit.
  • It also runs the Application Software which manages the stream of neural recording data coming from the implant via the External Unit.
    At this point, innovative experimental algorithms can be implemented which allow a response to the neural data stream.

Brain Interchange Research

Please contact us, if you have questions regarding neuroscientific research with the Brain Interchange technology.


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With the help of CorTec’s technology neurological diseases and their symptoms can be adressed.

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