External Unit

The External Unit consists of the Head Piece which supplies power inductively to the Implanted Internal Electronics Unit and to the Communication Unit. The Implanted Internal Electronics Unit communicates with the External Unit wirelessly through the skin via radio frequency transmission.


The Implanted Internal Electronics Unit and the Head Piece of the External Unit are aligned through the skin via magnets.

The Communication Unit is typically worn on the upper arm.


The casing of the External Unit is made from biocompatible material, suitable for being in close contact with the skin with a superior level of acceptance for the skin.

The cables connected to the External Unit are lightweight, flexible and have a biocompatible surface material suitable for being in close contact to the skin.


The External Unit exchanges data with the Implanted Internal Electronics Unit and furthermore controls the power supplied to the Head Piece.


It is directly connected to the computer on which the Application Software is controlling the System. The Application Software is communicating to the Implant via the External Unit.

State of the art encrypted communication between the External Unit and Multi-Part-Implant via a RF link.

Technical Specifications

Connection of Communication Unit to Personal Computer with Software Interface: USB 2.0 or 3.0 data transmission

Method of keeping Head Piece unit in place: Suspended by magnets

Maximum power uptake:
Limited by USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 specifications (depends on distances between transmitting and receiving coil)
– USB 2.0 power uptake (~2.5W) for distaces up to 12mm
– USB 3.0 power uptake (~5W) for distances higher than 12 mm

Surface material of Head Piece: PA 2200 (Polyamide 12)

Size of Head Piece: 36,4 mm Ø , Height = 9,3 mm

Weight of Head Piece: 13 g (without cable)

Head Piece cable length: max. 50 cm

ETU Head Piece cable: PUR

Surface material of external relay unit: ABS (UL 94 HB)

Size of Communication Unit: ca. 85 x 95,9 x 48,1 mm3

Weight of Communication Unit:  300g

Trigger input of Communication Unit: Analog and digital input with adjustable threshold, suitable e.g. for averaging recorded data on a particular trigger signal and synchronization of multiple implant systems