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Application Software

The application software runs on a Microsoft Windows 10 computer and represents the interface between the user and the complete system comprising external unit and multi-part implant.


The application software provides a graphical user interface.

Additionally, it can visualize implant status data such as impedances, humidity and temperature inside the hermetic encapsulation. It is also able to define stimulation signals within the implant’s technical capability and safety limits as well as to execute stimulation commands.

The software has been developed according to IEC 62304.


The functionality of the application software includes visualizing the measured data directly or after the application of a frequency filter (e.g. notch) or storing the data to a local hard disk.

The interface gives access to the complete range of implant functions such as recording, stimulating, impedance testing, etc.

It also enables a safety check of the input stimulation parameters.

Technical Specifications

The PC software is designed for interoperative tests.
Its main features are:

  • Live measurement data visualization
  • Establish connection to implants
  • Error display of implants
  • Status display (temperature, humidity, supply voltage)
  • Stimulation function editor (graphical editor for complex stimulation patterns)
  • Definition of reference electrodes for measurement
  • Counter electrode can be selected of any channel incl. ground electrode
  • The system is based on an easily extensible signal processing pipeline so that almost any pattern recognition algorithm or closed-loop stimulation paradigm can be implemented
  • The system can easily be extended by new components
  • Software development according to IEC 62304


Interfaces for implant control on Windows 10 systems

  • C++ API (Attention: Compiler must be compatible)
  • C API (suitable for integration in Matlab, Labview, etc.)
  • Python API (planned)