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Meet our CTO at the upcoming MicroTEC Southwest Cluster Conference

Visit the MicroTEC Südwest Clusterconference and listen to a lecture  given by our CTO Dr. Martin Schüttler about the next generation of neuroimplants. On Tuesday, 28th March 2017 he is speaking in panel “Smart Health” about opportunities in the development of new neuroimplants, from innovative biocompatible components to intelligent systems for neuromodulation.

Based on the AirRay® electrode technology CorTec develops electrode components of neuroimplants for different companies. Beyond that, CorTec is a specialist for ceramic encapsulation technology, which can be used to defend the implant’s electronics from the environment of the human body.

CorTec’s Brain Interchange combines all these components in one system. It can measure and analyze neuronal activity and can influence the nervous system with needs-oriented stimulation. The so called Closed-Loop function offers various scopes for individual and appropriated neurotherapy. The application of the system serves from controlling the assistance system of paralyzed patients to needs-based deep brain stimulation up to stroke rehabilitation or epilepsy intervention.

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