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CorTec is again Germany’s Most Innovative Company

For the third time in a row CorTec is ranked among the most innovative companies in Germany. Statista has been conducting out the survey since 2014 and has joined forces with German business magazine Capital for the first time this year for the award. Together with 14 other companies in the medical devices industry, CorTec is entitled to carry the title “Germany’s Most Innovative Company” in this segment.

“We are very excited about the renewed award. For us, it demonstrates that we are able to continue the success and growth of the past years and to continuously expand them,” said Dr. Jörn Rickert, Chief Executive Officer of CorTec. ” Continually advancing our technologies is a particularly important aspect of our work,” added Dr. Martin Schüttler, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer of CorTec. “Soon the first human version of our Brain Interchange System will be available which will enable us to reach the next milestone and further increase our innovative strength”.


The implantable Brain Interchange System from CorTec is an active implant technology that enables high-channel closed-loop applications: The technology is able to record and analyze the body’s feedback and to align further therapeutic impulses with the patient’s therapy needs. CorTec also has a portfolio of electrodes that are already approved in the USA as diagnostic tools for invasive neuromonitoring.

In contrast to the majority of the other award winners, CorTec positions itself with its Brain Interchange Technology as a partner for the development of innovative neurotherapies. The company’s strategy is to provide its customers and partners with the technology platform both as a complete system as well as individual components such as electrodes. The goal is to research and develop as many novel personalized therapies as possible for neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy or chronic pain.

Experts from the Statista panel „Expert Circle“ as well as leading business representatives from innovation award-winning companies have assessed 1,781 companies from 20 industries this year. Other companies in the “Medical Devices and Products” / “Medizinische Geräte und Produkte” industry that are acclaimed alongside CorTec are for example Otto Bock Healthcare, Biotronik, Heraeus or Siemens Healthcare.


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