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First World Brain Day

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) proclaimed today to be the 1st World Brain Day. Thus, the association wants to emphasize the importance of prevention and also the necessity for ongoing research towards better treatment of neurological diseases. CorTec supports research and therapy in the neurological field with a new generation of technological devices.

The complexity of neurological diseases often distracts public awareness from the fact that brain diseases are the single most important cause of disability in the world. Especially diseases like stroke and dementia are increasing so fast that they will overextend the health care systems very soon.

Diseases affecting the brain include also Epilepsy, Depression, Tumors, Traumatic Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease or Chronic Pain. Prevention can help a lot. For the ones who become diseased a better treatment would be desirable which is why a lot of research has to be done in this field.

CorTec is offering innovative neurotechnological devices for research, diagnostics and therapy. Our °AirRay electrodes measure and stimulate neural activity either on the cortex or peripherally.

With CorTec Brain Interchange we a completely implantable closed-loop system for measuring and stimulating brain activity in long-term use. This highly efficient responsive system is a neurotechnological novelty, facilitating many innovative approaches in therapy and research.




More information on our Brain Interchange Technology:
CorTec Brain Interchange


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More information on WFN’s World Brain Day initiative:


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