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The Brain Interchange System for Stroke Rehabilitation

We are again featured in the latest edition of Open Access Government  – more specifically our Brain Interchange System and our way to Stroke Rehabilitation.

Our Goal: enhancing the plasticity and enabling the patient to recover after a stroke. One method to achieve the enhancement of plasticity is electrical stimulation of the brain. Fundamental studies already demonstrated the effectiveness of this mechanism successfully. The therapeutic success of conventional therapy is expected to be substantially improved when the plasticity is enhanced.

Consequently, patients who do not benefit from conventional rehabilitation might be able to regain functions, and patients who are responding to conventional rehabilitation might improve or accelerate the results of their therapy.

To make this dream come true, a novel medical device for plasticity enhancement needs to be developed and built. We are tackling this exact mission to bring a device to market, from which stroke patients will benefit in the future.

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CorTec in Open Access Government



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