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Join us in the Lab: Tensile direction test of electrode cables and wires

CorTec’s electrodes act as direct interfaces to the brain or to peripheral nerves. In order to protect the sensitive neural tissue as much as possible, the material of the electrodes must not be too thick or stiff. At the same time, however, it must also be ensured that the products withstand the stress in the body.

To ensure that our electrode cables, the tracks inside the electrode arrays, but also the interconnections in between fine individual wires, withstand the exposure to the body, we perform different types of tests.

In the development of products and components we define the requirements towards the resilience of the product together with our customers. Different types of loads are part of this, including mechanical loads such as tension and compression. We develop the product in order to ensure that it meets these requirements. The development process furthermore includes corresponding validations, which are carried out for example in endurance tests.

Based on the specifications of the product, all products manufactured by us also undergo various final tests as part of our quality control such as tensile tests. During these tests, the products must be held securely and at the same time not be crushed. CorTec uses modern equipment in its laboratories and clean rooms to perform the tests safely and reliably.

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