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How °AirRay Electrodes Are Produced

For our vision to build active implants for recording and stimulating of brain activity, we have developed most of the technological components ourselves – such as our °AirRay electrodes. The manufacturing process offers flexible design options and has evolved over the years.

What is behind it?

CorTec builds electrodes with a laser-based manufacturing technology that achieves the highest degree of precision and quality. Since 2014, the °AirRay electrodes have convinced customers from research and industry as an independent product. At the beginning of 2019, a portfolio of electrodes received FDA approval.

All electrodes, whether surface or cuff electrodes, consist of different layers of medical silicone and platinum iridium contacts.

By using the laser, the °AirRay electrode technology gains great flexibility over traditional manufacturing methods. All conceivable geometric shapes of contacts and the entire product can be produced, resulting in functional products from a multitude of individual design requests.

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Not only outline and contact shape can be varied. By playing with different layer thicknesses, for example, the mechanical properties of the electrode can be adjusted – from very thin and flexible electrodes that adapt ideally to anatomical shapes, to slightly thicker or stiffer electrodes that are pushed over or even into the tissue.

What is the secret?

The process starts with a silicone layer as the base.

In many designs, this layer is followed by Parylene-C, which gives the product strength.

The Parylene-C is embedded in another silicone layer. The perforation of the Parylene-C layer allows the upper silicone layer to bond with the lower silicone layer so that the Parylene-C is mechanically anchored.

A platinum iridium foil is added, from which all contacts and conductors are cut out in one piece using a laser.

The final silicone layer is also laser finished to expose the contacts.

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