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Details: Meander Contacts

The use of electrodes in the peripheral nervous system requires mechanical and electrical stability as well as the gentlest possible handling of the nerve. In order to meet these requirements, we have developed a special contact shape for our °AirRay Cuff electrodes.

The cuff electrodes must be flexible enough to be easily placed around the nerve. During the experiment, the electrode must ensure contact with the nerve and sufficiently seal the section of the nerve where it is placed. This should allow measurement signals to be recorded as interference-free as possible and stimulation impulses to be emitted precisely. Furthermore, the electrode must not compress or kink the sensitive nerve excessively, otherwise it can be permanently damaged.

The oblong meandering shape of the contacts of our °AirRay Cuff electrodes is designed to meet these requirements. The contact itself can be stretched and bent up to a certain limit, which is not only helpful for handling the cuff electrode during implantation. The flexibility of the contact also helps to ensure that the metal does not deform or kink the electrode. It retains its predetermined shape and can therefore sit as close as possible to the nerve without damaging it.

Watch the video to learn more about the meander contact shape from CorTec!




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