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Percutaneous electrodes

The °AirRay Percutaneous Electrodes are designed to provide an electrical interface to subcutaneous, intraspinal or deep brain locations of the nervous system. All contacts are able to record and stimulate.

Arrangement of 360° electrode contacts on flexible or pushable tubes for subcutaneous or spinal cord recording and stimulation. We offer individual configurations according to your applications.

We offer various designs for your projects in pre-clinical and clinal research. The °AirRay Technology offers the freedom in design which means that we can customize the electrode to fit your specific application:

  • Number of Contacts
  • Length and thickness of the silicone tube (Diameter of tube starting at 0.5 mm)
  • Contact placement
  • Thickness, Stiffness, Softness

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss individual solutions for your next project.

°AirRay Percutaneous Electrode | 4 Contact Rings 360°

  • 4 Contact Rings
  • Contact Length: 3 mm
  • Contact Diameter: 1 mm

Applications with Percutaneous Electrodes

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