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°AirRay Paddle Electrodes

Our paddle electrodes are designed to provide an electrical interface the central nervous system. They are the ideal solution for spinal cord stimulation. All contacts are able to record and stimulate. CorTec’s paddle electrodes are made from very soft silicone using a high-precision laser manufacturing process. They offer an unprecedented combination of flexibility, softness, stretchability, thinness and density of contacts. We offer various designs for your projects in pre-clinical and clinal research. The °AirRay Technology offers the freedom in design which means that we can customize the electrode to fit your specific application:
  • Number of Contacts
  • Outline and shape of the paddle electrode
  • Contact density
  • Thickness, Stiffness, Softness
Below you can find the typical designs which are ideal for pre-clinical and clinical research. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss individual solutions for your next project.

°AirRay Research Courtine 2 x 3 + 2 Rhesus Lumbar Array

  • Oblong electrode arrangements
  • Paddle-like outlines 
  • Optional fixation strap for recording and stimulation of the spinal cord.
  • CNS 
  • 8 contacts
  • linear contact arrangement 

Fetz Spinal Cord 8

    • Small strip electrode 
    • recording from and stimulation of the spinal cord
    • developed in cooperation with Eberhard Fetz laboratory
    • CNS
    • 8 contacts
    • linear contact arrangement


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