°AirRay Research Spiral Cuff

One of the major design innovations by CorTec: Minimally traumatic cuff electrodes for recording from and stimulation of peripheral nerves with elastic modules. Spiral Cuffs – the self-adjusting solution for changing diameters.

Product TypeImplantation SiteSubstrateContact Material
Electrode PNSPNSSiliconePlatinum-Iridium
Product FeaturesProduct Configuration
Number of contactsStarting from 2
Inner Diameter1.5 – 4.0 mm
Wall thickness0.2 – 0.8 mm
Connectivity Options
Recommended Connectors
Open Cable Ends

Please contact us if you are interested in any other connectivity.

Options for Chronic Use

Cable Protection

Routing the electrode cables as a strain relief is advisable for chronic applications. To optimize the handling of cables we are offering flexible tubing which bundles up separate straight or coiled wires while serving as well as a protection against bending and stretching loads.

Transcutaneous Connectors

Connecting the electrode to headstages or other transmitting systems is common practice in chronic scenarios. For cuff electrodes very small connector systems like Craggs connectors are required which can be easily routed away from the nerve. We are equipping our electrode with the connectors of your choice.


Determining electrode features like electrical or mechanical properties helps to plan experiments as it allows for precisely classifying the results. We are offering different electrode-specific tests such as impedance spectroscopies, cyclic voltammograms, mechanical loads etc.

Cleaning & Sterilization

Ensuring long-term tolerability of the electrodes can be enhanced by intense cleaning and subsequent sterilization of the electrodes. We are offering clean room cleaning, sterile packaging and sterilization. Upon request we can also validate the sterilization and packaging process of the individual electrode design.

Data Sheet

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°AirRay research Spiral Cuff – Data Sheet


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