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Neuro Week 2014

From 15th to 19th of September 2014, the Neuro Week (Neurowoche), the largest interdisciplinary conference for the German speaking clinical neuromedicine, takes place in Munich. Under the imprint “Brains – Impulses – Potentials”,  up to 7,000 experts inneurological and psychiatric diseases from more than 20 different nations come together.

Despite the growing number of neurological patients and an ageing society, the burden of neurological diseases is still underestimated. Moreover, according to the “Global Burden of Disease Study”, neurological diseases are causing more days and years of illness worldwide than all other diseases.

Neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, strokes and other diseases) are expected to rise explosively.  They are suppode to cause the largest spending in the healthcare secto while they burden the welfare systems exceedingly. In addition, the demand for neurologists will also increase because of more successful treatments of diseases of the nervous system.

Meanwhile, neurology and neurosurgery are the fastest growing clinical sector in human medicine.

CorTec focuses on innovations in the field of neurotechnology and boosts research and therapy in the neurological environment.

CorTec provides a basis for diagnosing a multitude of diseases and research issues highly accurate. Epilepsies belong to the most frequently chronic diseases of the CNS. CorTec has developed an electrode that enables the exact localization of the focus of epilepsy in the brain for allowing a particularly precise surgical removal of the affected tissue. This helps to protect important functions like speech or movement that shall not be injured during surgery.

°AirRay is the newly developed foil electrode for invasive neuromonitoring by CorTec for recording and stimulation brain activity on the cortical surface. Because of CorTec’s special laser-aided manufacturing °AirRay is exceptionally soft and adaptable.

Furthermore, with CorTec Brain Interchange (BIC) Cortec has an implantable technology that measures and stimulates brain activity chronically for long-term use.  BIC does not work via an externally controlled continuous stimulation of the brain, as otherwise common on the market for neurotechnological implants. Instead, BIC can control neurostimulation online based on simultaneously measured activity.


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