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INS 2022 | Booth No. 26

The INS 15th World Congress will take place from May 21 to May 26, 2022 in Barcelona. The congress will bring together over 1,500 scientists, researchers, engineers, device developers and healthcare providers from around the globe to share evidence-based knowledge about basic, translational and clinical research; emerging technologies; and global health care trends in order to improve skills, outcomes, and access to patient care.

CorTec will be present, exhibiting our products for neuroscientific research, especially the Brain Interchange technology.
Come and find us at booth 26!

Also we will present three posters in the scientific program!

Martin Schuettler

P860: Laser-micromachining of paddle leads for spinal cord stimulation
P1008: A system for investigating bioelectronic therapies using a multicontact nerve cuff electrode and an implanted stimulator/recorder

Alexis Constantin Gkogkidis

P853: Brain Interchange BCI neural interfacing system: Neural recording and stimulation using micro-ECoG and DBS electrodes in sheep

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