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CorTec Lays Foundation of Own Facility with Increased Manufacturing Capacity

In the course of this year the young medical technology company is going to establish a new facility, including a manufacturing site, in Freiburg, Germany. Since its founding in the year 2010, CorTec GmbH has brought innovative products and technologies to the market. The company underlines its perspective of continuous growth by moving to a significantly larger location.

Currently, CorTec is located at the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg. The company sees increasing interest in its high-quality products and components for neurotherapeutic applications. In the course of the last years CorTec has established itself as a partner and supplier of an international circle of industry clients in this field. This success is now reflected in the expansion to the new location. “We have achieved a lot in the recent years. Therefore, we are delighted that the success and growth of the company now also enters the expansion,” managing directors Dr. Jörn Rickert and Dr. Martin Schüttler said.

With more than 3,500 square feet the new production areas will increase the production capabilities from thousands to ten thousands of products per year. Additionally the new location offers space for a fast increase from the current staff of 36 people working in the departments development, manufacturing, quality management and administration to around 60 employees.


Floor plan of the first company headquarters of CorTec GmbH

CorTec develops and manufactures high-quality components of neurotechnological implants. CorTec’s products are characterized by high precision, high flexibility in design, and can contain high numbers of channels – features which enable personalized therapies for neurological diseases. The °AirRay electrode technology based on a laser-aided process offers high-data acquisition as well as stimulation in the central and peripheral nervous system. The innovative hermetic ceramics encapsulation is optimized for a uniquely high number of feedthroughs, battery-less powering, and wireless data transfer.

These components form part of the CorTec Brain Interchange System for closed-loop applications. This implantable wireless system is designed to control as well online neurostimulation as prosthetic devices based on simultaneously recorded brain activity. The proprietary closed-loop software processes the recorded data and controls the application with unprecedented computational power that can easily be adapted to customer needs. In collaboration with partners and customers CorTec enables innovative therapies which truly adapt to the individual needs of the patient.

With the move, CorTec will lay the foundation for further development and continuous expansion of the company. Located at the heart of Freiburg, CorTec maintains its proximity to the Medical Center and the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of the University of Freiburg. The construction work of the new headquarters next to Freiburg Exhibition Center has already begun and is to be completed at the beginning of 2018.

Follow the construction progress live: http://baudoku.1000eyes.de/cam/messefreiburg/ACCC8E29FC18/

Download the Press Release: CorTec_PressRelease_02-2017