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Literature about the Development of the CorTec Platform and Its Components

Kohler F, Gkogkidis A, Bentler C, Wang X, Gierthmuehlen M, Fischer J, Stolle C, Reindl L, Rickert J, Stieglitz T, Ball T & Martin Schuettler (2017): “Closed-loop interaction with the cerebral cortex: a review of wireless implant technology”, Brain-Computer Interfaces, 2017, 146-154

Gkogkidis, Alexis C, et al. ”Closed-loop interaction with the cerebral cortex using a novel micro-ECoG-based implant: the impact of beta vs. gamma stimulation frequencies on cortico-cortical spectral responses.” Brain-Computer Interfaces (2017), 4:4, 214-224

Henle C, Raab M, Doostkam S, Cordeiro J, Schulze-Bonhage A, Stieglitz T, Rickert J (2010), First long term in vivo study on subdurally implanted Micro-ECoG electrodes, manufactured with a novel laser technology. Biomedical Microdevices (in press) DOI: 10.1007/s10544-010-9471-9

R & D Projects

Research and development are the focus of our work.

In several funded projects, we work closely together with our partners to promote and deploy the technology developed by us.

Partners in R & D

We conduct our research and develop new technologies within a strong network of partners at universities, hospitals, and in the industry.