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Novel Therapies for neurological disorders

From Alzheimer’s disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, compulsive obsessive disorders up to eating disorders – diseases of the central nervous system deeply disturb and threaten our nature and wellbeing as humans.

Up until today adequate therapeutic options to effectively address many of these conditions are still lacking.

Neurotechnology offers a wealth of novel opportunities to address this problem. Recent scientific research suggests that many diseases of the central nervous system respond to electrical stimulation (see literature below).

Therefore, implantable electrodes and corresponding neuromodulation systems could provide new and improved therapies for these diseases.

So far, novel neuromodulation therapies are mainly being tested with implant systems that are already approved for clinical use usually in combination with deep brain electrodes. However, these systems are functionally limited to pre-specified stimulation patterns.

While the therapeutic use of flat grid electrodes to stimulate the cerebral cortex and the exploration of adaptive neurostimulation therapies are still in their beginnings research results suggest that they hold great promises (e.g. Fasano & Lozano, 2015).

CorTec’s implantable AirRay Electrodes can be valuable tools and components for novel neuromodulation systems as well as for central nervous as for peripheral applications. The flexibility of the electrode with regard to individualized and high-resolution designs enables them to be optimized precisely to the respective application.

Using the °AirRay Electrodes in conjunction with the Brain Interchange System also allows combining custom-made electrode designs with long-term closed-loop therapy: The Brain Interchange technology is able to respond to the patients’ states. It measures their brain signals, evaluates the data and can autonomously adjust to their moment-to-moment state. This will enable therapies that can be adapted exactly to the needs of the patient.

The CorTec °AirRay Electrodes from can be used in a wide range of designs in scientific studies and as components of complete therapeutic systems. The Brain Interchange System is currently still under development. Initial clinical pilot studies are in preparation to demonstrate safety and functionality of the system.

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