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Bladders need flexibility

Our urinary bladders have to fulfil two very different functions: On the one hand, they need to reliably collect urine throughout the day without any

CorTec introduces Moore4Medical

Research and development are the focus of our work. With a highly skilled team we are working closely together with our partners to promote and

Pictures of the year 2020

Our pictures of the year don’t come from just anyone. Each one is the work of one of our employees who have documented a variety

Brain to spleen: Attack intruders!

We all intuitively know that our mental states can affect our physical wellbeing. Especially when it comes to fighting off infections, it is common knowledge

User Story: Of rats, pig and people

Basic research in animal models form an essential milestone on the pathway towards innovative medical treatments. For good reasons, clinical testing in human subjects can

Last Chance: meet us at Compamed

We are exhibiting at Compamed in Düsseldorf, Germany. The third day is already over and we met some very interesting poeple. Use the last chance

Pictures of the year 2019

Our pictures of the year don’t come from just anyone. Each one is the work of one of our employees who have documented a variety

Design Innovation: Helix Cuffs

Unsere °AirRay Cuff Elektroden Technologie wurde um ein weiteres Design erweitert: die Helix Cuff. Inspiriert von Designs des Huntington Research Institutes, gehört die Helix Cuff

Wozu Closed Loop?

Wie responsive Ansätze personalisierte Therapien ermöglichen | Neuromodulation kann eine wirksame Behandlungsmethode für eine Vielzahl an neurologischen und neuropsychiatrischen Erkrankungen sein, wie z.B. die Parkinson-Krankheit,

Details: Meander Contacts

The use of electrodes in the peripheral nervous system requires mechanical and electrical stability as well as the gentlest possible handling of the nerve. In

How °AirRay Electrodes Are Produced

For our vision to build active implants for recording and stimulating of brain activity, we have developed most of the technological components ourselves – such

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