Hermetic Encapsulation

Our ceramic encapsulation technology is the first packaging solution for implants with a very high channel count available on the market. Designed according to your requirements it ensures a long-term protection of the implant electronics.

Key Winning Features

High Channel Count

Thick film technology enables hundreds of electrical feedthroughs — unlike conventional titanium packages with metal pin feedthroughs.

Electromagnetic Transparency

The ceramic encapsulation is transparent to electromagnetic waves facilitating communication via radio frequency or infrared as well as inductive powering.

Superior Hermeticity

Protection of electronics against moisture works 10 times longer compared to standard titanium packages — even for small implant volumes below 1 cm3. Lifetime is extendable by additional application of desiccants.

Freedom of Design

CorTec´s ceramic encapsulations allow application-specific shapes and designs.

Design Options



  • Circular, oval, or rounded-edge rectangular designs
  • Ceramic packages are molded in silicone rubber in application-specific shapes


  • Minimum height: 2 mm
  • Variable lateral dimensions: maximum footprint of 80 mm x 80 mm

Feedthrough Dimensions and Spacing

  • Feedthroughs come as metal tracks on ceramic base substrate
  • Minimum track width: 0.08 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 0.2 mm
  • Minimum pad area: 0.1 mm x 0.5 mm


Hermetic Sealing in Controlled Helium Environment

  • Elaborated cleaning & drying procedure minimizes trapping of water molecules inside the package before sealing
  • Packages are sealed in 100% helium atmosphere permitting the best possible lifetime prediction based on helium leakage measurements

Customized Telemetric Coils

  • Hand-crafted high precision coils
  • Materials: Gold or copper
  • Up to 50 windings
  • Adaptation to the needs of customer-specific inductive power and data interfaces

Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Shell

  • Customized void-free silicone molding
  • Structural and surface biocompatibility

Connection to other products

  • AirRay™ electrodes
  • Commercially available implantable connectors

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More technical Information


In Contact with the Body

  • Smooth implant shell and cables made of medical grade silicone rubber.
  • All other materials such as the ceramic encapsulation, the feedthroughs, and the metal seal for the package are covered by this silicone shell.


Helium fine leak testing for hermeticity:

Extremely low leak rates qualify our packages for rejection thresholds below 10(-10) mbar l s(-1).


Related Services

  • Device design and preliminary studies
  • Tests and validations incl. technical documentation
  • Assembly and packaging of customer electronics
  • Interconnection technologies
  • Functionality testing
  • Hermeticity qualification (He-leak testing)
  • Customized silicone rubber mold design and processing
  • Validated cleaning procedures


CorTec electronics department develops circuitry for active implanted medical devices and their corresponding body-external telemetry units incorporating all relevant electromagnetic compliance and patient safety requirements.


To make sure your implants benefit from the innovation of our components we are building on industry standards of connectivity options. Apart from the technologies we can realize in-house, we have a large network of partners available to offer the full range of solutions according to your requirements.


We are developing medical device grade software according to IEC 62304. The development ranges from windows-based application software to embedded systems programming.

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With our patented °AirRay electrode technology we have overcome current limitations of electrodes.

Based on our laser-aided manufacturing process we can design and manufacture electrodes according to your actual requirements – in any geometrical shape, with hundreds of contacts, and for numerous applications.

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Complete System

CorTec Brain Interchange ONE joins the scope of our competences interconnecting the neural system to artificial intelligence.

The fully implantable system for recording and stimulation both on 32 channels enables open and closed loop interaction with the nervous system.

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Our Service

Our services include all important steps from providing solutions how to realize your idea of a product over development and testing up to manufacturing the approved medical device.

With our application-related, technological, and regulatory know-how we support every step on the way to your implant.

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Through our quality management system, we meet the highest requirements of the applicable standards.

CorTec is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified and has high-class clean rooms.


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