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Our services include all important steps from providing solutions how to realize your idea of a product over development and testing up to manufacturing the approved medical device. With our application-related, technological, and regulatory know-how we support every step on the way to your implant.

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Solutions for Research

We are offering a wide spectrum of products for pre-clinical neuroscientific research.

Our silicone-based °AirRay research electrodes are produced using a high-precision laser manufacturing process. They offer unprecedented flexibility, thinness and contact densities. Additionally, they allow a wide range of custom-made variations to meet your specific needs.

We are also proud to present our upcoming fully implantable closed-loop system CorTec Brain Interchange – a complete solution for long-term bidirectional brain-machine-interface applications.

Solutions for Industry

Our technology combines materials commonly used in medical devices with innovative processes.

We are able to provide you with ready-to-use components from our portfolio as well as custom-made design solutions to suit your individual needs – from the development up to the technical documentation.

Our service comprises the full range from designing and encapsulating implantable electronics over to interconnections to electrodes up to developing firmware and software.

Solutions for Clinical Use

Here you can learn more about our products for clinical use that will be CE approved shortly.

The °AirRay electrode supports clinical diagnostics and research. It is intended for temporary subdural use at the cortex.

°AirRay is very thin, soft and flexible. Additional safety for patients is achieved by electrode contacts interlocking with the material, preventing their separation from the silicone.

Accessories such as connectors and connection cables allow the use of our electrode with common amplification or stimulation systems.

Complete System

CorTec Brain Interchange ONE joins the scope of our competences interconnecting the neural system to artificial intelligence. The fully implantable system for recording and stimulation both on 32 channels enables open and closed loop interaction with the nervous system.

It is available in customized versions for exploring and developing innovative neurotherapies.

CorTec serves all levels of interconnecting the human body to artificial intelligence.

As innovation leaders in neurotechnology we endow the development of new therapies: Either we develop and manufacture single individual components like electrodes and encapsulations or we set up active implantable systems which can process neural information from the human body to control therapeutical applications.


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Our research and development activities are based on a long-term cooperation of neuroscientists, engineers and physicians of the University of Freiburg.

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