Neural Interfaces 2018 | Poster 104 and 91


25 - 28 Jun

The Neural Interfaces Conference has a long history of working on key problems to advance and translate neural interface technology for human applications. It began as an annual “NIH Neural Prosthesis Workshop” in 1970 in the form ofa contractors’ meeting, and has since grown to become the leadingconferencefor the neural interfaces research community.​

The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art developments in areas that include neural stimulation, neural plasticity, functional electrical stimulation, deep brain stimulation, auditory prosthesis, visual prosthesis,cortical prosthesis, peripheral nerve interfaces, biomaterials, microelectrode array technology, brain computer/machine interfaces, and other related areas.

CorTec will be presenting two poster entiteled “Brain Interchange: A Novel Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) System” (Poster No. 104) and “Improving Usability od Silicone-Based Neural Electrodes by Introducing Color Labels” (Poster No. 91) on Monday, June 25th in the poster session from 1-4pm.


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